1611 King James Version     Luke 4:27


Above is Luke 4:27 from the 1611 King James Version, also known as the Authorized Version, reprinted by Thomas Nelson their book #301 available at a Christian Book Store near you.  The most informative Bible for the "King James Only" crowd, proving the Saviour's name spelled with the first letter as "J" Jay, was not introduced to the English alphabet until the 18th Century.  This REAL King James Bible compared to English today shows that the language has changed. But this is no excuse for putting  EliZeus in Luke 4:27 since there were many Bibles in English prior to the 1611 which NEVER put a "Z" in the prophets name.  No Thomas Nelson didn't make a typo either.  This is proven by the 1841 English Hexapla which also contains the 1611 KJV of Luke 4:27 with the prophet's name spelled with the "Z" exactly the same, EliZeus.  Of course, the "Z" was not capitalized in the text to bring attention to it as I have done here in this narration.  So why did this happen?  No one can tell for sure. But if you know anything about Hebrew names, which Bible translators do, each name in Hebrew has a meaning as well as a pronunciation sound.  El in Hebrew means God. I won't elaborate on Zeus who's statute is in the foyer of the United Nations building in New York.  Zeus is just the god of the heathen world imported direct from Greek culture, Greek also being the language claimed to be the original N.T. language.  I thought the myths died shortly after the time of Christ but here we have wise modern educated men running the present day world paying thousands of dollars to produce statutes of dead myths?  The word meaning from a Hebrew perspective of El-i-Zeus is "God is Zeus."  If you're one of those King James Only people, this if you have eyes to see and ears to hear has to show you that, there are other Bible translations which have some truth and some better translations (in SOME instants) than the modern post 1769 KJV's which you pass off as being 1611 originals. These King James Onlys are so bias that some claim the spelling, words, even capitalization's are all ordained by their God as infallible.  These people might not bow to the POPE but they have invented a 1611 Paper Pope to replace the Roman Catholic one. This writer is sola scriptura, but does not believe the 1611KJV translation or any since has the same authority as the original signatures.  When a HOLY God moved the original writers of HOLY writ, which was alone, infallible.  Since we have had the pen of the scribes, in various languages attempting to fully understand and give us the truth.  I appreciate that, but translations in other languages are as James Moffitt a bible translator said, "every translation is an interpretation."  I primarily use, like, read, preach and study using the modern KJV and do decry the liberal Westcott and Hort Greek text and the translations produced from that text. But we must remember that it was the original signatures which are totally inerrant instead of our favorite version or the KJV - first government authorized text.  That alone was a warning to the early settlers of America which brought and preferred the Geneva Bible translations.  And of course, even the KJV remains 68% the original work of William Tyndale which is never given any credit for such.  WHY?  Because Tyndale and the government that later authorized the KJV was the same government that put Tyndale to death for his bible translation. At this point you might be wondering WHO this prophet was. At least the KJV did not pervert his name in the Anglo-sized English of 2 Kings 5 8-10.  Read it and find out if you don't know.


Take a minute a real a page of God's word from the 1611 KJV.

A page from the 1611 King Iames Version, (the letter "J" wasn't used) Saint Luke chapter Four.

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